Ormyrian Province

The Ormyrian Province.


The Ormyrian Province is a province of Sudbaya, ranging from: Suplyr in the South, to Amakir in the North, with it's capitol being Ormyrban. The Ormyrian Province is the largest province in the Sudbayan region, taking up almost all of Southern Sudbaya. Ormyr is a lush forested region, constisting mainly of wide grasslands with small woods dotting the landscape. The Eastern border of Sudbaya holds more than a few mountains, their snow capped peaks reaching towards the sun; the most well known of which is near Morrisyd.

The Ormyrian Province is governed by a monarch who is usually seated on the throne in Ormyrban, though in certain cases other cities may be used.



First Dynasty

  • King Bjorn (4067-4120)
  • King Hamon (4120-4141)

Second Dynasty

  • Unknown

Third Dynasty

Fourth Dynasty

Fifth Dynasty

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