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The Ormyrian Dwarves, known to themselves as Dorru, are a peaceful dwarvish people living in a primarily agricultural society. Their land is much less geologically rich than the other races, with the only main ore bearing lodes situated around the capital city of Morrisyd. Because of this they rely on the other races for tools, and other prefabricated goods such as weapons.


The Dwarves of Ormyr live a very agricultural lifestyle, one in which the majority of social life is linked to the harvest, and the Seasons. Community is an important part of life, as a blight on one family will affect the rest of the community, mainly because output in food and crops would fall. Ormyrian Dwarves are also are forced to defend themselves from incursions of the various peoples, and tribes surrounding them. For this reason they do not trust large groups of outsiders, and are unlikely to interact for reasons other than trade, however; they are an extremely hospitable people, and the lone stranger will not often find himself turned away.


The Ormyrian Dwarves are not a warlike race and have little skill in warfare, instead they use their knowledge of the countryside to harrass their enemies using guerilla tactics, or by forming large, uncontrollable mobs that are used to swarm their enemies. Unlike their bretheren they do not make great use of war engines, and their engineering skill is mostly employed on agricultural implements.


Most Ormyrian dwarves worship a variation of the Dwarven Pantheon. The Ormyrian dwarves, in addition to the worship of Korok, primarily worship Valaya, the goddess spring. Each of the major cities has a temple to Valaya built within the walls, and each town or village will have at least one shrine to Valaya. It is tradition amongst the dwarves to give a portion of the first and last harvest of the season to Valaya. In addition there are various lesser gods and goddesses of the seasons and of the crops/animals for example Kartöflur the god of potatoes.

Some Ormyrian Dwarves, however, have adopted the Nyrdic Faith.


The Ormyrian Dwarves are ruled by the Peoples council, a collection of affluent landowners, wise eldars and other important members of society. They work together to form a semidiplomatic society with aspects of communism. The Peoples Council are designed to ensure not that each individual dwarfs needs are cared for, but that the Ormyrian people survive through even the hardest winters


A Study on the Ormyrian Dwarves

History of the Dorru

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