is a large city located at the mouth of the Ormyrian river, built around the monolith to Ormyr which was worshipped by the Orm Tribe. It is the capital of the Ormyrian Province and of Sudbaya. Ormyrban is also the largest city in Sudbaya, and subsequently the largest in the Ormyrian Province.

It has a population of roughly 5500 adults.

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Ormyrban is the religious capital of Baya, centre of the Priesthood of Ormyr . As such, the Temple of Ormyr is the grandest temple in Baya, second in sheer size only to the Temple of Harth in Nyrdnjir. The Temple District contains the Library of Stone, the largest and oldest library in Sudbaya, housing the Order of the Raven. The Temple District also boasts the High Council Tower, The Rose Brothel, a Temple of Harth, 16 noble estates, 3 warehouses, the Temple Docks and the Temple Square, a large outdoor market.

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Ormyrban was built by the Orm Tribe, a Pictian/Sacen tribe which migrated to Sudbaya in 3E3750. A monolith was errected on the banks of the river Orm, to worship Ormyr, the King of the Nyrdic Pantheon, and served as a gathering place for all the early Sudbayan tribes during certain festivals. This gathering point correlates with the massive trade port that Ormyrban is today. The present day Temple of Ormyr is built on the same location as the original monolith, and is said to house the monolith [citation needed], though it is larger than the entire settlement which originally surrounded the monolith. The temple itself has been rebuilt on several occasions, along with large portions of the Temple district. This is due to great fires, and millitary occupations which Ormyrban has suffered over the years.