Ormyr's Descension is a legend in Nyrdic folklore. It tells, simply, of the first words uttered by Ormyr as he entered Ulvania and set foot on the plateau of Ormyrban in 1E 67.

During the events of Realm of Magyk, Kael can find the legend and it will be added to Kael's lore list.


The Common translation from the Ormyrian chant reads:

Ormyr, father of mankind! O king of the gods! Son of Ismyr and creator of the gods, we recount your words as your entered Yggrskal, our mortal earth. "This land is good," you said. "This land shall be the home of my people." And home it was. For you brought us here, unworthy as we are, to the promised land. To live and worship you in all your glory.