Order of the Raven


3E 7258


Library of Stone


Several Hundred


Castle Pax


The Order of the Raven is an order of trained magykal users, with it's headquaters in Ormyrban; founded by King Willas III, the first mage King of Ormyrban.

Order membership is recognised by many orgnisations, and acolytes can only become order members after passing a series of trials which ensure they can control and understand their god-given powers. Order members are recognised as competent mages, with a variety of schools of magyk at their command. The Order is located in a wing of the Library of Stone in Ormyrban.

The Order of the Raven takes it's name from Ormyrban's sigil, a raven.

Recently the Order has expanded from being solely based in Ormyrban, establishing a branch in Castle Pax, by the request of Lyrian Lovac.

Notable MembersEdit




Welcome to the Order

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