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"You're joking right? The Black Legion wants to come back and destroy Ulvania? They Can't! That's where I keep all my stuff!"
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Of a Different Cloth is the 2nd quest in Realm of Magyk, following Finding your feet and is in the prologue. It can be considered a "tutorial" quest as it teaches the party interface and some advanced combat.


It is acquired straight after completing Finding your Feet .

Plot SummaryEdit

The player now chooses their character's adult looks and appearance, as well as assigning attributes. The Quest begins with a monologue by Hamon Kael, explaining the events bridging Finding Your Feet and Of a Different Cloth. The next cutscene then shows Kael as a young adult of 19 years. Kael is shown speaking to Hamon Kael, who is now an old man,Llewellyn, who is now a man in his 20's and Lucia, a woman in her late teens. They are speaking about the farm when, suddenly Gustav Haggardson runs up to you and exclaims that the village is under attack. Kael, Llewellyn and Gustav run to the armoury to grab weapons. Kael then grabs the weapons and returns to Hamon and Lucia.

Leaving Gustav behind, Kael and Llewellyn run to the village to evacuate, where they encounter hordes of Kativans and Prodi and hold them off while all 30 villagers escape from the area. This is repeated in the village square where another 50 villagers evacuate. However, as Kael and Llewelyn return the farm, they find Hamon dead and Gustav and Lucia gone. They run outside and see all the Kativan forces slaughtering the villagers. Kael is shot in the back and as s/he falls, dying, s/he sees Llewellyn ripped to shreds by a demon.

Kael passes out and wakes up in a cottage with Tamlin looking over her/him. Tamlin explains that Tranholm (Kael's home village) was destroyed and his family killed. During some dialog, he explains that he is Tamlin the Archdruid and that he sees potential in Kael and that Kael is the only hope for Sudbaya and indeed the world. He explains to Kael that you must recruit a team to help him. He also tells Kael that, once s/he is ready, s/he must talk to him again and he will give Kael the information.

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