Oduba Masopha


Oduba Masopha



Date of Birth

4E 436




Basana Royal Warlock






Yakazala Faith

Oduba Masopha is a human warlock from Basanaland, now in Sudbaya after hearing reports of demon activities. He can be recruited as a party member in Realm of Magyk during In Search of Darker Things in Oduba's Questline. Like all party members, he has unique dialogue.


Oduba was born in a Basanaland village in 4E 436 to a common family. Upon the discovery of his magykal abilities however, he was given up by his village to the royal warlock in the Basana capital of Masina. As the royal warlock's succesor, he had little childhood; engrossed in his studies. A talented summoner, he could summon creatures at an unusually early age. When his master died, he was appointed royal warlock.

In 4E 494, upon hearing of the unusually high number of demon encounters in Sudbaya, he took it upon himself to travel to Sudbaya and investigate. Escorted by two Basana royal warriors, he boarded a Gratharian ship out of Tethyria and eventually made his way to Thorim. When he arrived in Thorim, he abandoned his escort and disapeared - having made his way to a nearby village which had recently been raided by demons

The Basana warriors enlist the help of Kael during the events of Realm of Magyk. Kael can find Oduba at the ruined village and can persuade him to join his cause.


Oduba is rough and uncaring. When talking to people he does not trust (pretty much everybody), he displays little manners and acts superior. He is loyal and respectful to those he trusts and to his country, however. Oduba is obsessed with his studies and this usually alienates him from others.

Oduba is genuinely ugly and this may be the cause behind his reluctance to interact with people and his obsession with his studies.

Oduba responds well to aggresive dialogue.


Oduba can be romanced by a female Kael.

Related QuestsEdit

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