The Nyrdic Cosmology differs from the Standard Cosmology. It is detailed below.


The Almenigal - The mulitiverse, created from the corpse of Nannyr by Ismyr. Within the Almenigal are all the planes of existence.

Daer - The Day, or the Layer of Light.

Helgard - The Nyrdic equivalent of the Hellish Realms (or at least the parts ruled over by Lomat)

Lund - The Moon. Regarded in some cases to be a deity in itself.

Musselnif - The whirlwind of ice and fire at the beginning of time. It will be created once again during Ragnarok.

Nott - Night, or the Layer of Night.

Soll - The Sun. Regarded in some cases to be a deity in itself.

The Stjerne - The Stars. Regarded in some cases to be deities in themselves.

Valgard - The Heavenly Realms (or at least the parts controlled by the Nyrdic Pantheon). Home of Valskal.

Yggrskal - The Material Layer, more specifically the universe of Ulvania.

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