During the events of Realm of MagykKael can find a lore entry entitled: "Nordland: An Expedition" by Feredrik Cjork.


Nordland: An ExpeditionEdit

Notes on the Nordland Expedition by Feredrik Cjork, Captain of "The Oppendagger"


Our goal is simple. The crew of The Oppendagger and I mean to travel as far north as north can go, in search of Nordland, the Gods' paradise in the north.


We have sailed for near a month now, and still there is no sign of land, only the occasional iceberg and the cold, fierce wind. We shall keep sailing north.


I swear we have been going in circles. It has been close to two months now and still we are no closer. I refuse to turn back.


We've done it! It has taken 83 days, but we can see Nordland in the horizon. Is this the paradise of the Gods?


Nordland is no paradise. The land is frozen, with storms that have swept men into the cold sea. We found a suitable campsite about a few hundred metres from the shore, but we could not start a fire and had to retreat to The Oppendagger.

There are no days or nights, only nights. I have already lost a whole foot to the frostbite and one of the men lost his cock to the frostbite while taking a piss. But this is not the worst part. The creatures are. At first, we thought there were no living creatures here. We were only half right.

We were attacked on our 5th day on this cursed shore, by the unliving themselves. Bears, birds, seals and even a man attacked us. There is a force here; a corruption that is bringing these creatures back to life. We managed to set sail, but left many behind to die.

This land is cursed. I return a broken man.

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