This page lists every NPC found in Norda.


Grunnan Glonber, Chieftain of Norda.

Insblik Glonber, Prince of Norda


House DormenEdit

Lord Dormen

Lady Dormen

Rallah Dormen

Jiklah Dormen

Gerda Dormen

4 Dormen Children

House MacjurEdit

Lord Macjur

Lady Macjur

Dolvah Macjur

Borin Macjur

4 Macjur Children

Upper ClassEdit

Laksvang Guildmaster

Torskvang Guildmaster

Hvalvang Guildmaster

Middle ClassEdit

Almena Withersheen, Norda's Bookbinder

2 Dormen Guards

Jurgen Banderban, Innkeeper of the Leaping Trout Inn

Isabel Korten, General Store Owner

2 Macjur Guards

Malan the Jeweler

1 Norda Baker

1 Norda Bard

1 Norda Blacksmith

Norda Bowyers

2 Norda Brewers

1 Norda Bricklayer

1 Norda Butcher

1 Norda Cartwright

1 Norda Chandler

30 Norda Children

4 Norda Clerks

Norda Cooks

1 Norda Dyer

1 Norda Furrier

1 Norda Glassblower

1 Norda Grocer

Norda Heralds

1 Norda Joiner

1 Norda Locksmith

1 Norda Longhall Keeper

8 Norda Royal Guards

3 Norda Shipwrights

1 Norda Stablemaster

4 Norda Stewards

Norda Tailors

18 (probably less in-game) Norda Women

Poll Lawsayer, the Nordan Lawsayer

Serena Lonbrun, Norda's Alchemist

Tomothy Tallis, a bard

Timothy Tallis, a bard

Lower ClassEdit

Holmfrid the Seer

2 Norda Bakers

4 Norda Beggars

14 Norda Brickworkers

12 Norda Builders

Norda Butcher

4 Norda Butlers

5 Norda Carpenters

58 Norda Children

4 Norda Cobblers

5 Norda Cooks

4 Norda Coopers

1 Norda Ferryman

17 Norda Fishermen

3 Norda Fishmongers

4 Norda Fletchers

22 Norda Guards

1 Norda Gravedigger

1 Norda Hatter

31 Norda Labourers

4 Norda Masons

6 Norda Maids

9 Norda Miners

4 Norda Potters

5 Norda Prostitutes

1 Norda Ratcatcher

2 Norda Stablehands

2 Norda Streetcleaners

Norda Surgeon

2 Norda Tinkers

7 Norda Waitresses

11 Norda Weavers

58 (less actually in-game) Norda Women


Karrin Lovac (until recruitment)

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