The Norda Longhall is a large (40m x 15m) structure in Norda designed as a place for the people of Norda to drink. It is located on the northern end of Norda's market and is the centre of the town's nightlife.



Grunnan Glonber is scheduled to spend the time between 6pm and 2am in the longhall, drinking and merrymaking with his citizens.

Middle ClassEdit

1 Male Cook spends all his time working in the Longhall

1 Norda Longhall Keeper (Male) spends all his time at the bar.

Norda Royal Guards (male) protect Grunnan while he is in the longhall

Tomothy and Timothy Tallis, both male bards, are always in the longhall. They sleep during the early day and spend the the evening and night entertaining revellers in the longhall.

Lower ClassEdit

3 Female Cooks and 1 Male Cook spend all their time on the longhall, working under the middle class cook. 

2 Maids (Female) spend all their time cleaning up in the longhall

6 Waitresses (Female) spend all their time serving in the longhall


Karrin Lovac will sit alone in a corner until she is recruited by Kael in Waiting for Kael.


In the centre of the longhall is a large table at which the majority of the visitors sit and drink. At the northern end of the table is a large throne where Grunnan Glonber sits. On either side of the table are lots of chairs and small tables for those not wishing to sit at the main table. At the northern end of the building there is a firepit, where meat is cooked and at the north-eastern corner there is a pile of ale kegs. Part of the eastern side of the longhall is taken up by a bar, which sells drinks and food.

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