Sudbaya Sector 2147
The Area of Norda


341 Adults (183 Men, 158 Women) and 96 Declared Children



Main Source of Income

Fishing, Mining, Farming


Grunnan Glonber


West Peramol (Capital)

Norda is a large fishing village located north of Tonjir It is known for its fishing and the drunk chief. It contains 341 people + 96 children, as of the last census.

It is one of the few villages left in Sudbaya which still acknowledges the traditional role of a chieftain. Norda is the Hold capitol of West Peramol.

Points of InterestEdit

Nordan Military
Tonjirian Province
Tonjirian Province, Norda featuring on the map




22 Guards

Private Guardforce

12 Private Guards



Reserved Conscripts




Seige Weapons





Nordan Census
West Peramol
West Peramol, the hold of which Norda is capital

Royalty (adults)

2 Men

Royalty (children)


Nobility (adults)

6 Men, 3 Women

Nobility (children)

4 boy, 4 girls

Upper Class (adults)

3 Men

Upper Class (children)


Middle Class (adults)

78 (42 Men, 36 Women)

Middle Class (children)


Lower Class (adults)

249 (130 Men, 119 Women)

Lower Class (children)


Starred entries indicate that the area cannot be entered or may be open, but may still be interactable.


Chieftain - A jolly fellow, loves to drink. He mostly spends his time drinking in the longhall and never uses his power. The Laksfang guild is sponsored by the Chieftain.

The Dormen Family - The Dormen family is a relatively new family from Midbaya, one of the many wealthy families sent from Midbaya to ensure Sudbayan loyalty. As such, they aren't very popular. The family consists of Lord and Lady Dormen, their adult children Gerda Dormen , Rallah Dormen and Jiklah Dormen , and their one young boy and three young girls. The Hvalfang guild is sponsored by the Dormen Family.

The Fisherman's Guildmasters - The three fishermen, as they are known, are each in charge of their seperate guilds (The Laksfang , The Torskfang  and the Hvalfang). They are really friends, but they will never stop competing to see who's guild is the best.

Holmfrid the Seer - A strange old man. He doesn't ever leave his hut, but is a kind man and will even make some basic potions for paying customers.

Karrin Lovac - a mysterious mage woman arrived in Norda not long ago. Since arriving, she has done nothing but wait in the longhall.

The Macjur Family - The Macjur Family is a wealthy family almost as old as Norda itself. It consists of Lord and Lady Macjur their adult children Borin Macjur and Dolvah Macjur , and their one young girl and three young boys. The Torskfang guild is sponsored by the Macjur Family.

Prince Insblik - Nobody likes the only son of the chieftain. He is, however, really in charge while his father drinks his days away. Everyone just tends to stay out of his way.

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Waiting for Kael

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