The Nomadic Pantheon is led by the God Kocovnis, god of journeys and horses. He is the only god worshipped by all Nomad Tribes (and Centaur Clans). Each tribe also reveres the long dead king Nakhar as an ascended deity. On top of Kocovnis, each tribe follows a patron god and may also worship a few minor spirits.

Patron GodsEdit

Aside from Att, patron of the Bir, all of the patron gods of the nomadic tribes were originally champions of their tribe who accompanied King Nakhar of the Nomads (champion of the Bir tribe) down into the depths of Ala'makha'nakho (The Labyrinth of the Underworld).

Tribe-Specific DeitiesEdit

Amyni TribeEdit

The Amyni Tribe worships Annarr, the God of loyalty and vengeance.

Banay TribeEdit

The Banay Tribe reveres Mekhe, the God of racing and puzzles.

Bir TribeEdit

The Bir tribe worships it Demi-God king, Att, as its patron.

Guut TribeEdit

The Guut Tribe reveres Chagga, God of Health, Wounds and Illness.

Kuzhe TribeEdit

The Kuzhe Tribe worships Managh, God of Slaughter and Hunting.

Mandu TribeEdit

The Mandu Tribe reveres Nadu, God of Grazing and Scavenging.

Mei TribeEdit

The Mei Tribe worships Alabbis, God of Men and of Things that are Clean.

Nevnu TribeEdit

The Nevnu Tribe reveres Hhoarro , God of the Sun.

Oja TribeEdit

The Oja Tribe worships Makhara, Goddess of Pride and Rain.

Qad TribeEdit

The Qad Tribe reveres Shiude, God of Territory and Conquest.

Surt TribeEdit

The Surt Tribe worships Lanakhra, Goddess of Women, Fertility and Wind.

Taidj TribeEdit

The Taidj Tribe worships Fharano, God of Fire and Heat.

Tepal TribeEdit

The Tepal Tribe worships Alkhotho, God of War.

Ung TribeEdit

The Ung Tribe worships Daghashe, Goddess of Prophecy and Magyk.


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