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"You're joking right? The Black Legion wants to come back and destroy Ulvania? They Can't! That's where I keep all my stuff!"
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Like all other party members, Nigel has unique dialog. This dialog comes in three different forms:

  1. Banter with other party members at
  2. Dialog with Kael
  3. Comments on Dialog between Kael and someone else


With KarrinEdit

At 1st possible point after Nigel's recruitmentEdit

Karrin: "So...Nice trophy you've got there Nigel, I see why you were honour bound to win"

Nigel: "Yes...when we get back to camp I'm going to put it on the wall with the others..."

Karrin: "Ah yes, the wall that you keep inside your tent"

Nigel: "You know what I mean...its figurative."

Karrin: " have a wall with arcane symbols on it? ...In your tent..."

Nigel: "Do you do this to everybody, or am I the only one?"

Karrin: "Oh and what would 'this' be?"

Nigel: "Oh I know what's going on. You're going to insult me until I slip up and say something stupid. I'm going to just ignore you know."

Karrin: "Actually I wasn't going to do that, but now that you mention it..."

Nigel: "Not saying a word..."

Kael: "Stop Karrin, this is torture..."

Karrin: "If you put it like that, how could I refuse?"

At a random point in Act 1 - 1stEdit

Nigel: "Karrin, its stupid asking as I already know the answer, but was it you that stuffed pickled onions in my backpack?"

Karrin: "And why would I do that?"

Nigel: "Because Kael's too busy and nobody else is that childish."

Karrin: "Me childish? No, you have the wrong person"

Nigel: "Is that why I found a sodden note in the backpack, from you, stating that I was a loser and was stupid?"

Karrin: "Ah, you found that...I...admit to that, but not the onions...are you sure it wasn't Kael?"

Nigel: "Just keep an eye on your backpack Karrin..."

At a random point in Act 1 - 2ndEdit

Nigel: "Karrin, is it true that you slew a bear just by looking at it?"

Karrin: "I did?"

Nigel: "Yes, and you became apprentice to Kativa, but got fired because she felt threatened..."

Karrin: "That's what they want you to think"

Nigel: "Really, seemed believable enough. They also said that you can turn into a venemous snake..."

Karrin: "Then best you sleep with one eye open...just who is the curator of such infomation, I might have to slide a knife into his ribs"

Nigel: "I don't think you want to do that...Kael doesn't like it when people kill his party members..."

Karrin: "No, you're getting it wrong...I simply wish can I say have some fun.

Nigel: "If that's how you see it then I guess you can go 'have fun' in Osric's tent...oops, said too much."

Karrin: "Oh I will"

At a random point in Act 2 - 1stEdit

Karrin: "Nigel, you still carrying the wall around?"

Nigel: "Oh shit...Kael, stab me now so I don't suffer..."

Karrin: "But you like suffering don't you?"

Nigel: "Do me a favour, do everybody a favour...and shut up..."

Karrin: "Oh, getting defensive are we? Don't like to tell people about your 'problems' eh?"

Nigel: "That's rich coming from the lonely mage who hates everybody and can't stand up to a spider without falling over and dying..."

Karrin: "Touche'"



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