41 (quite old for a goblin)

Date of Birth

4E 453


Mong Village near Antronjir in Feim Hold


Mong Wise Woman






Goblin Faith

 Neeja is a goblin hermit from the Mong Village near Antronjir. She can be recruited as a party member in Realm of Magyk during The Last of Our Kind in Neeja's Questline. Like all party members, she has unique dialogue.


Neeja is the latest in a long line of Mong wise women, dating back for as long as the Mong history cares to remember. She inherited the post from her mother and her mother and so on. As wise woman, she has made many of the important decisions regarding her tribe and it is thanks to these decisions that her tribe has survived, albeit barely, for as long as it has.

Neeja learnt many of her magyks from her mother, but she owes her knowledge of the hermit schools, as well as her understanding of the common and nyrdic tongues, to a human hermit, named Albin, who escaped Sudbayan life to live with the goblins for the remainder of his days.

One day in 4E 494, searching for aid in Antronjir, she found Kael and convinced him/her to help the tribe.


Neeja's tribe has seen a great decline and many goblin traditions, dating back thousands of years have been lost. On top of that, her tribe has seen much aggression from the local Sudbayans and it is only through their advantageous position that they have lasted this long. Neeja passionately believes that she can change this and restore the former glory of the Mong goblins.

Her experience with Albin has led her to believe, unlike her tribe, that the former glory of the Mong goblins can be restored only with the help of humans; a belief which led her to seek help from Kael. Her tribe has no love for humans and wishes to act aggresively to defend their way of life, but Neeja believes that would be disasterous for her tribe's survival.

Neeja responds well to Diplomatic Dialogue.

Related QuestsEdit

Neeja Questline

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