Myra (known also as Myre)


Unknown (Ancient)

Date of Birth



None (formerly Guardian of the Grand Tree of Forest of Malo)







Myra is a dryad and queen of the Druidic Nation. She was the Guardian of the Grand Tree of Malo (now Shash Malos), before it was destroyed in the Battle of the Forest.


Guardian of the Grand Tree of MaloEdit

During the Battle of the Forest in the 1st Kativan War, the Grand Tree of Malo was destroyed. Somehow Myra survived the attack, but, after the destruction of her tree, petrified into wood and remained lifeless for thousands of years, until 4E 494


Myra finally awoke in 4E 494 in some ancient tomb, having been passed down as some kind of statue before being buried with a Nomadic King. She, for unknown reasons, was drawn to the High Council Summons on XilZun Hill. She fought for the High Council in the Battle of XilZun and later accompanied the search of the Banner of Nakhar in Shanak'Khaz. Later, during Morgh Khaz's summons in Shanak'Khaz, she became a member of the Druidic Order.

The Druidic NationEdit

Following her induction into the Druidic Order, she took control of the ruins of Kia'Salla and transformed them into a base of operations for the Druidic Order, naming it the Druidic Nation. Overnight, the city became the base of operations for the Druids in Eastern Tethyria. She later expanded her sphere of control to the coast, where she constructed the city of Saelas Misana. She also sheltered the Mandu tribe in the then newly constructed Divaaj Mandu after they were defeated by Morgh Khaz.

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