In Realm of Magyk , Kael can come across a lore entry entitled Migrations to Sudbaya by Owell Krall, which goes as follows.


"How the first of the Sudbayan tribes arrived in the South Bay Arm has been a subject of heated debate amongst Bayan and Gratharian thinkers. Many religious officials say that Ormyr, the Nyrdic and Bayan king god, brought the tribes to Sudbaya. Others, mainly Nyrds, state that they migrated from Nyrdland into Baya, whilst many Bayans state the reverse. From an anthropological view, the Bayans may just be right.

According to archaeological evidence, several Pictian and Sacen tribes migrated north to Sudbaya, be it chased by war or led by the Gods, in circa. 3600-3750. These tribes merge into one tribe, it seems in Ormyrban. In circa 3800-3850 the tribe splits into 15-40 different tribes which fight fiercly for supremecy. By about 3900, only the nine recorded tribes of Sudbaya remained, some of which survive to this day."

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