Only certain people have the ability to do magyk. Magykal ability is not transferred through genes or exposure to anything (although that may have some near-magykal effects). Instead, the assignment of Magykal ability is completely random.

The ratio of people in a species that have magykal potential is known as The Magykal Potency Ratio.

The RatioEdit

The Ratio, according to surveys done by The High Council Department of Magykal and Natural Abilities is as follows:

Humans - 1 in every 132 or 0.76% chance

High Elves - 1 in every 7 or 14.29% chance

Forest Elves - 1 in every 23 or 4.35% chance

River Elves - 1 in every 94 or 1.06% chance

Drow Elves - 1 in every 115 or 0.87% chance

Dwarves - 1 in every 379 or 0.26% chance

Gnomes - 1 in every 638 or 0.16% chance

Orcs - 1 in every 203 or 0.49% chance

Goblins - 1 in every 197 or 0.5% chance

Halflings - 1 in every 267 0.37% chance

  • Please note that this list only includes the major races. Other races have their potency (if any) on their own page.

^For crossbreeds, the ratio is completely unpredictable, but is generally somewhere in between the two parent races' ratios.

Lore EntryEdit

Survey of the High Council Department of Magykal and Natural Abilities