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Lyrian Lovac


Lyrian Lovac







Date of Birth

4E 475




High Council High Ambassador of the Pax Embassy



Social Class




House Lovac


Annette Lovac, Rudolf Lovac




Anar Lovac, Sylvia Lovac



Other Family

Karrin Lovac

Lyrian Lovac, of the House Lovac, is a female human mage from Sudbaya. She is cousin to Karrin Lovac; sister to Anar and Sylvia Lovac. She is employed by the High Council, as a diplomat, and is a practicing member of the Order of the Raven. After overseeing negotiations with the Nomadic Tribes, in Shanak'Khaz, and uniting a few of them - gaining their support against Kativa; Lyrian was placed as regent of Castle Pax, and subsequently the Xilzun Hill area. 


Childhood and Early LifeEdit

Lyrian was born and raised in Ormyrban on the Lovac estate, and studied at the Library of Stone for several years before being accepted into the Order of the Raven; and hired by the High Council. Lyrian, only met Karrin while she was at the Library, mostly because her family despised their disowned relatives, and as thus Lyrian was forbid from seeing Karrin. Nevertheless the Library of Stone was neutral ground, and as thus they met on a few occassions before Karrin left.

High Council AmbassadorEdit

Lyrian was sent as an ambassador to XilZun Hill, in an effort to unite the Nomadic Tribes. The Summons turned into a battle, in which, Lyrian fought for the High Council. After the battle, Lyrian was placed in charge of the High Council operation on XilZun Hill, seeing that the supervising diplomat was killed during the first attack by the Kativans.

Moving to Shanak'Khaz, Lyrian and her companions sought the long lost Banner of Nakhar, which could be used to unite the Nomadic Tribes under one banner, and gain their support for the fight against Kativa.

Lyrian was in Shanak'Khaz, having found the Banner of Nakhar, and sought the induvidual approval of each of the tribes present; the Shuul Mai Orc Tribe swore fealty to Belken Ari; and the Banay, to Lyrian.

During the events that followed, Lyrian was given control over Castle Pax, the High Council forces in the area, and, after beating King Chulay in a race, the fealty of the Banay Nomad Tribe.


Lyrian is somewhat of a naive idealist, though she is not ignorant. She can be charismatic, but would rather follow than lead. Unless ofcourse she is confident in her experience, or knowledge of the task at hand. She strives to always do what is right, and takes any oppertunity to help people, sometimes at the expense of the 'greater good'.

This behaviour can be attributed to her upbringing, being the middle sibling of 3; being both leader and follower (depending on the circumstances).

See alsoEdit

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