This page lists all of the Noble, Royal or otherwise very influencial families that currently live in Sudbaya.


West PeramolEdit

House Braaten - Controls Braaten

House Dormen - a Nordan noble family

House Macjur - a Nordan noble family

House Orwin - Controls Orwin

House Glonber - Controls Norda and West Peramol


House Blackhand - Contol Holm and Holmland

House Skyhammer

House Tegras - Control Tegras

House Tolbir - a Holmian noble family

Ton HoldEdit

House Bunbaer  - a Tonjirian noble family

House Hjelm - a Tonjirian noble family

House Koninshammer - Contol Tonjir province and all lands within

House Skjol  - a Tonjirian noble family

House Svern - a Tonjirian noble family

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