This page lists all the currently archived Lore in Realm of Magyk. This page is still under construction and therefore is not fully reliable.



The Heavens^ - An Anonymous Astronomer

A Treatise on the Cosmos^ - Nicholas Tiflus

Creatures and RacesEdit

Evolvement: Man, Elf and Dwarf - Matthew Eyed

The Beast of the Old Dwarves - Owell Krall

The Compleat Booke of Races - Humans - A Royal Scribe to the Empire of Grathor


A Study on the Ormyrian Dwarves by Olaf Shieldborn

Music of Ulvania^ - Carlo Peruglio

The Basana - Andrew von Schpell

The Bushmen - Soloman Annik

The Mountain Kingdom - Fred Hazelton

The Ndele - Christopher Vuurenberg

The Penedi - Deborah Jameson

The Tsofanga - Peter O'Harris

The Vadanna - Alan Kirk

The Xheze - Herschel Maton

The Yakazala - Eileen Jenin


A Novice's guide to Prehistory^ - Simon Forest

History of Saelas Yanes

The Legend of Nidud - Traditional

The Legend of Tjor - Traditional

Migrations to Sudbaya - Owell Krall

The Vermundi Scroll Fragment - Prinith Vermundi

Kings of SudbayaEdit

A History of the Harad

A History of the Feim

A History of the Orm

A History of the Nimhin

A History of the Temir

A History of the Wul

A History of the Ton

A History of the Syk

People and OrganizationsEdit


Demigod Dossier - Att - Unknown

The Legend of Ormarr the Ripper - Unknown


An Analysis of the Prodi Movement - Then and Now - Olfred Ingerson

Become a Prodi Today! - Propaganda Leaflet

The Lies of the High Council - Propaganda Leaflet

The Lies of the Prodi Movement - High Council Leaflet


Morgh Khaz: Early Life - Lord Morgh Khaz

Scientists and AstronomersEdit

Alexander Tiflus - An Astronomer of Note - Unknown


Humphrey BomblabEdit


Bee stings are painful

Bells, I hate them dearly


I Don't Know if you've noticed, but them dwarves are short



My Club is Large 


There once was a girl from Myag

There once was a man from Grathor

Why's there no gravy on my potatoe?


Countries and ContinentsEdit

Bushman Country: A guide - Lourens Caulson

Nordland: An Expedition - Feredrick Cjork

Oceans of Ulvania - Ulorn Mahalas

Tomes of the Nations^ - Rorik J Redwell

Important LocationsEdit

The Library of Stone - Olfred Ingerson


Alkhotho's Warsong Burkhdin or Duu (Chant of the Gods) - Traditional Nomadic

Ormyr's Descension

The Book of Art - The Fulvian Ideaology

The Druids' Tome - The Casiellian Ideaology

The Runes of the Muscled Hand - The Fortisian Ideaology

The Tome of Skulls - The Gu'herran Ideaology

The Tome of Gimah'rn - The Zarranathian Ideaology

The Universal Text of Creation

Tome of the Dark Lord - The Creed of Lies

Tome of the Dark Lord - The Truths of the Lies

Umbin's Encyclopedia of the Gods^ - Colmun P. Umbin

Science and MagykEdit

A Collection of Myths and Stories surrounding the Unending Blizzard - Arn Pendov

Survey of the High Council Department of Magykal and Natural Abilities


^ = Several Entries

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