A Lich is an undead spellcaster who has performed a ritual in order to prolong his/her life. This ritual enables the soul to outlive the body.

The RitualEdit

Little is known about the ritual which causes the transformation from mortal to Lich, other then it involves the darkest of black magyk, and causes the subject to become an immortal ethereal being, not indestructable, but capable of multiple reincarnations, until a phylactery (an object holding the soul of the lich) is destroyed.

Soul TransferEdit

After performing the initial ritual, the lich is able to transfer his/her soul to another host body, provided the new host was alive prior to the lich's initial ritual. This makes it nigh impossible for liches to transfer their souls, as soon they run out of suitable candidates for host bodies. Only a lich aided externally by powerful necromancy is able to transfer his/her soul safely to a new host which was not alive prior to the lich's initial ritual. 


  • Those wishing to transform into a Lich must have some degree of spellcasting prowess, in order to cast the complicated spells involved in the ritual

Known LichesEdit



A History of the Lich Kingdoms


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