During the events of Realm of Magyk, Kael can find a lore entry entitled The Letter of Tirulid.


The Letter of Tirulid is a letter from first Xilaskar leader, Tirulid the Arehil Elf. Translated, it reads:

"We stand in the forest of Malo, in the beautiful kingdom of Areheim. The once tranquil and peaceful kingdom of Arehil Elves has been taken over by the demonic forces of the queen of evil, Kativa.

Here we are, a few men and women against a horde of demonic power. We all know we have already lost. We had sent for reinforcements days ago and they never arrived. Now we stand bravely, facing our inevitable death. I am Tirulid, one of the last of the Arehil Elves, and I am the leader of the Xilaskar.

I ask only this: Whom so ever finds this letter must hear our story, you must return to the forest of Malo, in the heartland of Areheim. Find us and set us free."