The Laurentian Pantheon is a pantheon of Gods, Goddesses, Demi-Gods and other spirits (namely Muses) worshipped by the followers of the Laurentian Faith.



Amatori - The Angels of Amorina.

Barbis - The Angel of Music.One of the chief angels of Fulvia. Husband of Salta.

Fabris - The Angel of Art and Craftsmanship. One of the chief angels of Fulvia. Brother of Salta.

Salta - The Angel of Dance. One of the chief angels of Fulvia. Wife of Barbis.

Deified Emperors and HeroesEdit

Gods and GoddessesEdit

Aeden - The creator of the world who, alone in the universe, crafted a womb from stone and inseminated it, producing AeteritusCarminaAecorinusVestusiaMorsinius and Verana, before being banished to Oblivium by the Gods.

Aecorinus - The God of the Sea and of Storms. Born from the stone womb of Aeden. Married to Vestusia. Father of FulviaSimatra and Sophia.

Aeteritus - The God King of the Laurentian Pantheon and ruler of Palatina. Married to Carmina and the lover of many; both divine and mortal. Born from the stone womb of Aeden. Father of Marius and Ferrus.

Amorina - The Goddess of Love and Sexuality. Supposedly created from the most beautiful marble statue within the centre of Urbinium and brought to life by Aeteritus. Patron of the Amatori. She is madly in love with Marius, who rejects her.

Carmina - The Goddess of Home and patron of Urbinium. Born from the stone womb of Aeden. Married to Aeteritus and lover of many; divine and mortal. Mother of Marius and Ferrus.

Ferrus - The God of Metalwork and Blacksmithing. Son of Aeteritus and Carmina and brother of Marius.

Fulvia - The Goddess of Art, Music and Dance. Married to Marius and daughter to Aecorinus and Vestusia, sister to Simatra and Sophia.

Marius - God of War. Married to Fulvia. Son of Aeteritus and Carmina and brother of Ferrus.

Morsinius - God of Death and ruler of Infernium. Born from the stone womb of Aeden. Married to Verana.

Remta - Goddess of Farming. Daughter of Verana and Morsinius.

Simatra - Goddess of the Hunt and of the Moon. Daughter to Aecorinus and Vestusia, sister to Fulvia and Sophia.

Sophia - Goddess of Wisdom and War. Daughter to Aecorinus and Vestusia, sister to Fulvia and Simatra.

Verana - The Goddess of Spring, Summer and Fertility. Born from the stone womb of Aeden. Married to Morsinius.

Vestusia - The Goddess of Time and Infinity. Born from the stone womb of Aeden. Married to Aecorinus. Mother of FulviaSimatra and Sophia.

Spirits and MusesEdit

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