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Korok (also known as Krk to some dwarven clans) is the most senior of the dwarven gods and is the main deity in the dwarven pantheon. Korok, although seen by some as an all powerful deity, is closely linked with stone, creation and the dwarven race.

Role in the Kativan WarsEdit

Although Korok did nothing in the first war, he is famous for bombarding Kelgrimen nonstop for months with fireballs in a vain attempt to defeat her in the second war, contributing to the blight which covers Kelgrimen and the surrounding areas.

Dwarven FaithEdit

see full article There are two main sects of the Dwarven Faith, also known as Gurn Korokhu Sil (meaning Truth of the Korok, the God):

The Lord's Truth (Gurn Shanhu) - Believing that Korok is the only deity and that all other deities are either fictional, minor spirits or aspects of Korok.

The Unity's Truth (Gurn Lomgarthu) - Believes that Korok is the most senior deity, but many others exist as servants, companions or enemies to him.

Both aspects share the belief that Korok created the dwarven race from magyk clay and gave them their wisdom and strength and fortitude.

Places of WorshipEdit


Korork has a grand temple in Morrisyd and shrines in Hammerhold and Guntheid. Korok's high priest in Sudbaya is Gernoff.

Korok also has two wayshrines: one on the underground pass between Morrisyd and Hammerhold, and one on the above ground road between Hammerhold and Guntheid.

Chief AngelsEdit

Korok has one chief angel, Shrn, who acts as messenger and general for Korok. He commands 7000 angels.

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