Icevale Bandit Stronghold
Sudbaya Sector 2451
Sudbaya Sector 2451 showing the Icevale Bandit Stronghold


West Peramol


Along the coast in The Free Land


Icevale Bandits




88 bandit outlaws, 28 bandit elites, 9 bandit snipers, 8 bandit mages, 16 bandit rogues, 4 bandit commanders, 8 bandit banner carriers, 4 bandit tacticians, 15 bandit engineers, 5 bandit alchemists, 4 bandit beastmasters (12 wolves, 6 bears), The Icevale General

Buildings and Facilities

The General's Manor, 11 Barracks, 1 Storage building, 5 towers, 4 mage buildings, 4 commander's houses, 2 Beastiaries, 1 workshop, 1 Alchemical lab, 2 blacksmiths


4 Maids, 2 Blacksmiths, 6 Camp Followers

The Icevale Bandit Stronghold is located in West Peramol. It was once a Tonjirian fort, but is now the headquarters of the Icevale Bandits.



General pours over maps or wanders around in his manor

Beastmasters tend their beasts (3 tend wolves, 1 tends bears)

Wolves wander around their pen

Bears wander around their pen

Alchemists work in their lab

Engineers work in their workshop

Tacticians discuss tactis with the general

Banner carriers wander around the fort in pairs

Bandit commanders stay in their huts, pouring over maps

Bandit rogues wander around

Bandit mages wander around

6 bandit snipers wander the walls

3 bandit snipers sleep

14 bandit elites wander the walls

14 bandit elites sleep

4 Bandit Outlaws posted in each tower

40 Bandit outlaws sleep

28 Bandit outlaws wander around the fort

Maids clean the manor

Blacksmiths work their forges

Camp followers stand outside the manor gate


Wolves wander around their pen

Bears wander around their pen 4 Bandit Outlaws posted in each tower

3 Bandit Snipers walk the walls

14 Bandit elites walk the walls

20 Bandit Outlaws wander around the fort

Everybody else sleeps

Alarm ScheduleEdit

If the alarm is raised at any time, all sleeping bandits will wake up and run to the source of concern. Once the alarm is over, the bandits will return to their schedules.

Special ScheduleEdit

On the 23rd of every month 3 groups of 8 Bandit Outlaws, 4 Bandit Elites, 1 Bandit Sniper, 2 Bandit Rogues, 2 Bandit Mages, 1 Bandit Alchemist, 1 Bandit Commander, 1 Bandit Banner Carrier and 1 Bandit Beastmaster (with 3 Wolves and 2 Bears) will attack Vallnir Farm, Mofnil farm and Mosfel Abbey.


All bandits will respawn 7 days after they were last killed. Upon respawning, they return to their schedule.

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