House Lovac




Strength from Power (Eroj kva mocva)

House Colours

Crimson with Gold lining


3E 6462


Lovac Dynasty (3E 7247-7311)


House Lovac was a family amoung the nobility of Ormyrban founded in the early part of the 3E 6000s. House Lovac occupied the Ormyrian throne in a Dynasty(3E 7247-7311) that lasted for 64 years before the house itself was percieved to have ended. However due to events that transpired some 42 years before the demise of the House, Lovac did not end with it's Dynasty and was refounded some 300 years prior to the death of Frida, by a decendant of the bastard son of King Cortan VI.

Lovac then began rebuilding it's forgotten influence, and reached a peak in the early 4E 200s, almost being placed on the throne once more. However events transpired against the house, and it fell into a slow decline. The house as it stands now has lost much of it's regained influence, though it's name may be known once more, as two mages were born of the house in this generation, possibly destined for greatness.


During the Lovac Dynasty, House Lovac essentially owned the entire Ormyrian Province, as they were the monarchs. Prior to their reign, House Lovac held much of the land surrounding Ormyrban, with their main estate being inside Ormyrban itself. After their rule, they subsequently lost all of the land they had gained (as they were all presumed dead). In the 4E200s, and the 100 years prior to that, Lovac regained most of it's lost land in and around Ormyrban. More recently however: they have been slowly losing that gained wealth, along with the influence it brings; to the point where today they own a modest plot of land around Ormyrban (Lovac Farm), with an estate inside the city. 

Lovac DynastyEdit

The Lovac Dynasty would last only 64 years and consist of 4 different rulers over this period. A notable accolade of the Lovac house would be that of the first Mage on the throne of Ormyrban, King Willas III, as well as the consistent prosperity of the reigns of each of the house's members. The Dynasty ended in 3E 7311 after Queen Frida's death, as their was no heir to Frida. Thus the throne passed to another house.

King Bjorn VII (3E 7247-7253)Edit

Ruling for six years, Bjorn Lovac would signal the height of power of Ormyrian military, second only Wesheim. Though Ormyrban undoubtedly had the best Training, armour and weapon technology of all the Northern Lands during this period. Bjorn died of a disease; with no heir, his brother Willas would take over.

King Willas III (3E 7253 - 7261)Edit

King Willas III would be the first mage king of Ormyrban, and thus Magyk users in Ormyrban flourished. King Willas was responsible for the creation of the Order of the Raven, a place of learning for the magykal arts at the Library of Stone. He also fathered a son, Cortan, prior to his reign; who, for reasons unknown assassinated him, ending his rule at a meagre 8 years.

King Cortan VI (3E 7261-7270)Edit

Prior to the assassination of his father, Cortan VI took a wife, who would be Queen Frida II. Cortan himself did not rule badly, bringing weath through trade to Ormyrban. Cortan could not produce an heir with his wife Frida, as Frida was barren. Cortan eager to continue his line sought another means, and ended up in an affair with a servant girl some 8 years into his reign. His wife found out about this in the 9th year of his reign and had him assassinated.

Queen Frida II (3E 7270 - 7311)Edit

Queen Frida would be the longest standing ruler of the Lovac dynasty, as well as the last. Her reign would last 41 years, double that of all the others in her dynasty combined. Frida continued the prosperous prospects of her late husband; continuing to bring wealth to Ormyrban through trade. Additionally she furthered the agricultral exploits and development within and around Ormyrban, which complemented the free trade of her rule. Frida died a mysterious death, leaving no heir or successor. This would signal the end of the Lovac Dynasty.

House LovacEdit

The Lovac house consists recently of:

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