Sector D1 of the Realm Map showing Holm and the rest of the Tonjirian Coast


Holm is a small village famed in the area for its Blacksmiths and Crafters, capable of the best metalwork in the entire Tonjirian Province. It is the capital of the hold of Holmland, and is lead by it's chieftain, Yoren Blackhand . It has about 218 people + children, as of the last census.

Points of InterestEdit

Holmian Military


7 (Tonjirian Blades, 1st Legion, 3rd Regiment)


18 Guards

Private Guardforce

8 Private Guards



Reserved Conscripts

31 Lower Class Conscripts, 21 Middle Class Conscripts



Seige Weapons




Ameneties and ShopsEdit

Holm Census

Royalty (adults)

2 Men, 3 Women

Royalty (children)


Upper Class (adults)

1 Man, 2 Women

Upper Class (children)


Middle Class (adults)

34 Men, 50 Women

Middle Class (children)


Lower Class (adults)

72 Men, 54 Women

Lower Class (children)


Total Population

334 (218 Adults + 116 Children)

  • Morkin's metal
  • 4 Other forges
  • 1 Alchemist
  • 3 Artisan's Workshops
  • 1 Tailor
  • 3 Mason's Workshops
  • 2 Carpenters
  • 1 Leatherworker and Tanner
  • 2 Cobblers
  • 1 Jeweller and Gemcutter
  • 1 Cartwright
  • 3 General Stores
  • 3 Fletchers
  • 3 Butchers
  • 3 Bakers
  • 3 Grocers
  • 3 Fishmongers


Yoren Blackhand - Chieftain of Holm and Jarl of Holmland. A dark fellow, never leaves his palace, always too busy with the political affairs of the Tonjirian Province. He is married and has two daughters and one son, all adults. Head of House Blackhand

Tolbir Family - Lord Tolbir and Lady Tolbir and their daughter Esme (married to Bjorn Blackhand) are the only nobles in Holm, aside from the chieftain and his family. They invest heavily in Holm, especially in Morkin's shop. There are also two little boys and two little girls in the family.

Morkin Gurn - The owner of the "Morkin's Metal" store. He will buy and sell armour and weaponry and will craft you a set of Holmian Armour...for a price.

Fromhin Gurn - The brother of Morkin Gurn, master blacksmith of the shop. He is the skill and labour behind the store and may even sell you some of his work at a reduced price.

Hilda Turgtol - Hilda is the beautiful barmaid of The Drunken Boar. This is the first stop for any self-respecting Blacksmith and Hilda is happy to serve her customers.