The High Council of the Realm is an international organisation created to manage and represent all kingdoms and empires in Ulvania. Although the council is made up of a large number of groups, it is on the whole an anti-Kativanist group and has employed many measures to try and help the Anti-Kativan War Effort, which is almost entirely run by the High Council. It is currently headed by Supreme High Councillor Matteo, a Renaian politician.

Notable MembersEdit

The CircleEdit

High AmbassadorsEdit



Beginnings as the Pact of NationsEdit

According to legend, the High Council began in the first years of the First Kativan War as an attempt to unite the nations against Kativa. It was created by Lady Cea of the Elves, Warchief Arosk of the Orcs, Shan Chindr of KhaZar, Queen Anoli of Button and Vokrin of the Vilumians; all names honoured in the Winged Serpent stars. This alliance won the first major victory against Kativa and closed the first of the Kativan Portals, soon encouraging more to join until the war was won.

However, the High Council only truly began in Grathor following the age of the Lich Kingdoms.

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