Ormyrian Province

The Ormyrian Province, showing Hemenskir

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Hemenskir is a Kativan fortess north-north-west of Ormyrban. It was once an Ormyrian town, but was slowly transformed into a Kativan fortress after large amounts of Prodi, Kativan-aligned Nyrds, settled in the town. It is the main Kativan outpost in Ormyr and is the biggest Kativan fortress in Sudbaya.

Points of InterestEdit

Hemenskir is known for its highly concentrated Kativan forces. In the fortress, you can find Kativan Barracks, a temple to Kativa, Prodi shops and taverns and even a Portal that leads to Portal island, for the exclusive use of the Kativans.


Jarl Grumsh - The Kativan half-orc and half-elf, who rules over Hemenskir in Kativa's name.

Advisor Jhul - The Prodi advisor to Jarl Grumsh, a cynical man that decieves almost everyone he meets, save for those he trusts.

Captain Amaharg - The Black Goblin commander in charge of the defense of Hemenskir. He is a stupid creature, but is surprisingly a good strategist.

There are 283 people in Hemenskir