None (Common Divines)


War, Strength


Mace of Gu'Herra, Breastplate of Gu'Herra



Physical Form(s)

An Orcish Warrior

Chief Angels

Yud'dha, Sak't


Gu'herra is the Orcish, Goblin, and Giant God of War and Strength. He is one of the most successful Gods in terms of numbers of followers, along with Veros and Kativa

Role in the Kativan WarsEdit

Gu'herra did not choose either side in the first and second wars, choosing rather to wage war on both sides. Now, in the 3rd War, this trend continues as his forces continue to harass both sides. However, in the absence of Gu'herra's physical presence, some have chosen to side with Kativa.

Gu'herran ReligionEdit

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The practice of Gu'herranism is banned in all High Council Nations.

Gu'herran Religion comprises mainly of live sacrifices and ceremonial smashing of skulls. Gu'herranism highly praises the killing of an enemy and teaches that mercy is a quality of the "lesser races" (Humans, Elves, Dwarves etc.)

The Gu'herran Ideaology, as written in the 'Tome of Skulls', goes as follows:

"Crush their bones and drink their blood. This is the commandment of Gu'herra. All who follow Gu'herra shall form an army which shall sweep across the land many times over, killing and pillaging on its way. Gu'herra gives victory to his followers and so his followers must show their alleigance by sacrificing and smashing the skulls of the lesser races who treasure mercy, a trait of the weak.

Those who die following the ways of Gu'herra shall be welcomed into his eternal army where they shall fight all enemies of Gu'herra for eternity. Glory to the War God!"

Places of WorshipEdit


Gu'herranism is banned in Sudbaya, but a small cult of followers exists in Ormyrban , led by the high priest Katgard.

Chief AngelsEdit

Gu'herra's chief angels are:

Yud'dha , angel of war who commands over 10 000 angels.

Sak't , angel of strength who commands over 9000 angels.