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A Gatestone is a pure white gem, about the size of a fist, that is required to open portals to other Realms. There are very few gatestones left in Ulvania , as they are used up whenever portals are opened, and cannot be manufactured.

Luckily, they are used only to open transdimensional portals and aren't required for portals from one part of the Realm to another.


A Gatestone, in order to be used in a portal, requires a sturdy portal frame (usually made from iron) to contain the portal. It then requires an item (from the plane one wishes to travel to) to be set into the portal frame.

Once the frame has been lined with this, the gatestone is placed in the middle and a surge of magykal energy is sent through the frame. This destroys the gatestone, but creates a portal to the desired plane, although where you end up on the plane is entirely random, unless a sister portal exists in the other realm. These portals don't last long unless a second gatestone is used to strengthen the portal. Performed incorrectly, this could lead to a surge of magykal energy capable of destroying a small portion of the universal magykal field itself.

Theories on OriginsEdit

Many theories exist as to the origins of the gatestones.

The most popular theories include:Edit

  • They were built using an ancient form of magyk, now lost.
  • They were created by the Almighty One or by one of the Gods
  • They are either an intended or unintended product of extraplanar magyk, used in the First or Second Eras. (See Science of Magyk Chpt.3)

Less popular theories include:Edit

  • Manufactured by aliens
  • Created by a civilisation that came before
  • Naturally formed in hypothesised "magykal volcanoes"


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