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Finding your Feet is the very first quest in Realm of Magyk and is in the prologue. It can be considered at the "tutorial mission", as it teaches the player the basic controls and interface.


This quest is started upon beginning the game.

Plot SummaryEdit

The player begins by deciding his or her character's gender, 1st name, class and child appearance. The Game begins with a short monologue by Hamon Kael, descriving the events surrounding Kael's birth and adoption by the Kael family.  The cutscene flash forwards to when the baby is about 7-10 years old. A child, Kael, is being talked to by Hamon Kael (Kael's step-father) about going to find and fetch Kael's step-sister, Lucia Kael.

The player is then given control of the young Kael. The player is taught how to move. Kael walks from the riverside to the entrance to the Kael farm. Kael then meets his step-sister and his older step-brother, Llewellyn Kael, who wants to go and explore Mallorn's Tower, which the children have been forbidden from entering. Kael agrees. against the wishes of Lucia, who reluctantly accompanies.

Along the way, the group meets Gustav Haggardson, polishing his magykal blade, Wraithbane. He asks Kael where s/he is going. Regardless of what Kael says, Gustav will tell Kael the story of how he got his sword. After the conversation, the group continues into the woods where the tower is located. After entering the tower, the floorboards break and Kael and Llewellyn are trapped below. Lucia runs to get help. Kael and Llewelyn continue through the tunnels and encounter a giant rat, who they kill (teaching basic combat mechanics).

After killing the giant rat, they continue up a ladder to the very top of the tower, where they encounter a banshee. The banshee screams and Llewellyn is frozen in fear and pain, but Kael is unnafected. Gustav and Lucia run in moments later, and they are also both frozen in fear and pain. Kael, in a quick-time event, takes Wraithbane and attacks the banshee, killing it. The others recover in a cutscene, ending the quest.

Useful PagesEdit

Introduction Transcript

Finding Your Feet Transcript

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