Sector D1 of the Realm Map showing Farsyth and the rest of the Tonjirian Coast


Farsyth is a small hamlet North-West of Tonjir. It is a gathering of Seers who live in the hamlet and commune with nature and the Nyrdic Gods. It consists of 27 seers (14 Men and 13 Women)




Tonjirian Province, Sudbaya


The Elder Seer


27 Adults

Main Source of Income


Special Significance

Home of the Seers

NORTH: Holm (along Coast)

EAST: Frozen Wastes

SOUTH: Tonjirian Bay (Tonjir along coast)

WEST: Nothing (just Ocean)

Points of InterestEdit

  • Otto's Rune Shop
  • The Seer's Garden
  • The Communal Area


Elder Seer - The Elder Seer is a wise old man that is adept in the arts of Magyk, Druidry and Enchanting.

Otto the Seer - Otto is a young seer. He knows very little about magyk, but a lot about runes. He runs the small shop that provides the seers with a small profit to spend on luxuries like clothes and hot meals.


No Quests are started in Farsyth as of yet.

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