During the events of Realm of Magyk, Kael can come across a lore entry entitled "Evolvement: Man, Elf and Dwarf - by Matthew Eyed". It goes as follows:


Evolvement: Man, Elf and Dwarf

by Matthew Eyed

4E 429

"Tracking the evolvement of the species can be as difficult as it is rewarding, but I, Matthew Egernson Eyed, have finally completed the task. I have succesfully, after 20 years of Magykal, Archaeological, Biological and Alchemical research, recorded the evolvement of Man, Elf and Dwarf (as well as others) back to a common ancestor. While this tracking will be looked at in much greater detail later in the tome, a simple summary will be provided here.

The common ancestor, which I have dubbed the Gerani, after the Yakazalan creation myth, came into being around 2 and a half million years ago. Then, around 1.8 million years ago, it evolved into two beings: the Elvyn and the Eredin.

Some Elvyn, around 1.3 million years ago, evolved in the Urun, an early race which later may have crossbred with some unknown species (most probably giants) to create the Orcs roughly 600 000 to 700 000 years ago. The Elvyn continued to exist until about 900 000 years ago, where they evolved into the Arehi elves, a race of elves that existed well into the 3rd Age.
Some Arehi elves evolved into the Vyre elves, roughly 700 000 years ago.
Roughly 500 000 years ago, the Vyre elves evolved into the Drow Elves we have today. The Vyre elves continued to exist until about 200 000 years ago where they go extinct, but not before some members of the population developed Vampyrism, a disease which continues to ravage Ulvania today.
Other Arehi elves separate into the High elves, River elves and Forest elves between 450 000 and 600 000 years ago.
The Eredin (the other branch of the Gerani, in case you had forgotten) evolved roughly 1 million years ago into the Dwyrin and the Meniri.
The Meniri evolved subsequently into the Nenir about 600 000 years ago before evolving into Humans about 400 000 years ago.
The Dwyrin evolved roughly 700 000 years ago into the Nomi and the Dwarn.
The Nomi evolved about 600 000 years ago into the Gnomes.
Some Dwarn branched off around 500 000 years ago to become the Barbegazi, while the rest evolved into Dwarves about 400 000 years ago."

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