The Empire of KhaZar is the largest dwarven empire, covering the entire underground cavern complex beneath the KhaZari Mountains of Laurentia. It is broken up into six nations, each made up by thousands of noble and lesser clans. Dwarves from KhaZar are known as KhaZari Dwarves or High Dwarves.

The six nations which make up the Empire of KhaZar are:

  1. The Vvergren Nation
  2. The Ruskundru Nation
  3. The Shanom Nation
  4. The Hunkerr Nation
  5. The Admatiz Nation
  6. The Shankha Nation


The KhaZari Dwarves are ruled by both a king and a ruling council. The King, known as the Shanil, is the autocratic ruler of the entire empire. Sitting with the King on the council, known as the Dronom, are representatives of each nation.


Scheduled for Lore!

"There's a lot of history in the Realm. Hundreds of thousands of millenia's worth of history can be found in these dark halls. Anybody want some cake?"
This article is scheduled to include a lore entry for the upcoming game, Realm of Magyk. Jamp-20120408-154612

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