Elvish, as in any language, can be pronounced a number of ways depending on the region of the speaker.

High Elvish PronunciationEdit

High Elvish Pronunciation is universaly accepted as the correct pronunciation. It shares most of its pronounciation with the Common Tongue or Gratharian.

Breathy 'H'Edit

And 'H' which precedes a consonant (as in Flahmen) or succedes a consonant (as in Bhe) is breathy.


A 'ch' in Elvish (as in Charuk) is pronounced 'tch' (as in Patch)


'Ae' in Elvish (as in Aelas) is pronounced 'ai' (as in eye)


'gz' in Elvish (as in gzanal) is pronounced 'ts' (as in pizza)

Dialect differences from High ElvishEdit



Certain Ulurian Tribes pronounce 'Ae' (as in Aelas) as 'e' (as in men)

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