The Conjugation of Elvish pronouns goes exactly like person-gender nouns, which is as follows:

Pronoun Conjugation in Elvish
Nominative Accusative Genitive Dative Ablitive
1st Person (sing) Eta Etan Etars Eto Etus
2nd Person (sing) Neta Netan Netars Neto Netus
3rd Person (sing) Fem Seta Setan Setars Seto Setus
3rd Person (sing) Mas Heta Hetan Hetars Heto Hetus
1st Person (plural) Metav Metans Metarsus Metol Metusin
2nd Person (plural) Vetav Vetans Vetarsus Vetol Vetusin
3rd Person (plural) Letav Letans Letarsus Letol Letusin

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