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"Don't follow his directions. One moment you'll be on your way to the temple and the next, BAM! you're naked on a hill in Zakos."
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Sometimes reffered to as "Mountain Folk" or "The stone people"

These peoples generally keep to the mountains, living either as small factions, or as one large kingdom. Their armour generally resembles rock, and is even sometimes made of rock. Although Barbegazi use Uldra armour. Commoners wear clothing similar to Humans, but smaller. Barbegazi tend to wear while cloaks, to blend in with the wintry world they inhabit. Mountain Folk have their own form of currency, The Dwarven System.

Generally, they speak Dwarvish.


Dwarves, scientifically known as Homo Kortus Kortus, are short, stout humanoids, usually with beards and mostly always pale skin. Their Cultures are dicussed later on.


Scientifically known as Homo Kortus Montis, this type of Dwarf is found exclusively in the mines of Barmazi. These Ice dwarfs enjoy mining, but not smithing, so they trade ore with the Uldras who live in the Ice caves below them. Barbegazis love to ski and will happily show adventurers how to if they are polite. Barbegazis wear white coats, and Uldra armour.

Types of DwarvesEdit

Throughout Ulvania there are many forms and types of Dwarf, ranging from the Imperial Dwarves of KhaZar to the primitive dwarves of Yakazalaland. A few (not all) types of Dwarf are as follows:

Ormyrian Dwarves - The Dwarves native to the Ormyr river in Ormyr.

Clan Dwarves - The Tribes of Dwarves that live in the highlands of Pictia.

Marisian Dwarves - The minority of dwarves that live on the coast of Maris and Grathor.

Iyretrian Dwarves - The Dwarves that live in Iyretria

High Dwarves - The impressive empire of KhaZari Dwarves that covers most of underground Laurentia.