Dwarf Pantheon (according to the Hhanhu)


Silence and Shadow





Physical Form

The Beast

Chief Angels



Donsol is the dwarven god of silence and shadow. Few Dwarves even knows of the god's existence, and most of those few deny its godhood. Only a single sect, the Hhanhu, worship him.

Dwarvi Hhanhu BeliefEdit

The Hhanhu believe that Donsol is the Beast of old.

They believe that, many years before the Exodus, a clan of dwarves found an ancient artifact and used it to harness an unknown energy in order to raise an army of demons and take control of the dwarven kingdoms. They ruled many years until their power grew out of hand and they could not control the demons. The demons grew maddened and fought the dwarves. The ruling clan was killed and the king, in desperation, made a pact with the shadows to save his life. The artifact discharged the last of its power and the last of the old kings was infused with the shadows and the hatred of the artifact to become the Beast. Controling the demonic armies, the Beast drove the Dwarves out of the old kingdoms.

The Hhanhu worship the beast and seek to find a way to unleash it upon the surface world.

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