Demons are creatures from the hellish realms, with the large majority of demons originating from Daemonrealm and under the control of Kativa. Demons speak Demonic.


Arachir – spider demons

Archdemon – huge infantry/mage

Clawflinger – weak ranged

Devil – powerful infantry/range

Dretch – weak infantry

Far'azzir – mage

Foliot – larger, more powerful imp

Hellfox – a smaller, agile version of a Hellhound

Hellhound – a very powerful dog-like demon

Imp – small servants of other demons

Medusa – a horrible demon mage that can transform enemies into stone

Mi'hrili – flying version of a dretch

Nightbeast – a small flying creature that controls people and gives them nightmares

Pelhap - a fat humanoid demon which can, and does, eat anything it can find. Originating from Gulan's Hell of the Gluttons.

Ripper – assassin demon

Succubus / Incubus – shapeshifting seducer demons from Skhorta's Hell of the Lustful.