During the events of Realm of MagykKael can find a lore entry entitled Demigod Dossier - Att


Demigod Dossier - AttEdit

Divine Heritage: Kocovnis

Mortal Heritage: Queen Ana Betann of the Bir

Nationality: Nomad, Bir tribe

Born: 9765 3E

Known Strengths and powers: Physical Strength; Some degree of close range teleportation; In possession of Gar'mal gra Shol'amun, a powerful demonic artifact

Other: Leading the Bir tribe since 9783. Has been trying to unite the tribes, with little success.

Threat Level: Minor. He does not venture far from the Nomad lands. However, within the nomadic plains he can be seen as a major threat, to Kativan and other non-nomads alike.

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