Cobalt Crimsonhoof


Cobalt Crimsonhoof of the Steelmane Clan



Date of Birth



King-regent of the Steelmane Clan, 1st Tribune of the Centaur Alliance






Centauri (Kovni)

Social Class



Steelmane Clan



Cobalt Crimsonhoof is a centaur king-regent of the Steelmane Clan and Tribune of the Centaur Alliance. He was formerly a member of the Royal Guard of Grom Steelmane, before he was killed during the Battle of the Iel Kan River.


Early LifeEdit

Cobalt Crimsonhoof, son of Khan Coppertail and Kadice Crimsonhoof, and brother to Kagan Crimsonhoof, was born in the the northern village of Kylamdra. His mother, as a member of the Valkyrie Vanguard, rarely was at home, and, as such, Cobalt and his sister were raised mainly by their father, a hunter of the Steelmane Clan. Cobalt honed his swordmanship and bowmanship at an early age, and frequently won local tournaments. After winning his 7th tournament in as many years, he was conscripted into the royal guard of Grom Steelmane.

Royal Guard and the Mei WarEdit

Cobalt was inducted into the royal guard of King Grom Steelmane at an early age. During his time in the Royal Guard, Cobalt met and fell in love with Kayley Coldsteel. During the war between the Steelmane clan and the Mei tribe of the Nomads, he fought alongside the king. And during the final battle, he watched helplessly as his king was killed by a Mei warrior. Following the defeat at Iel Kan river, the Steelmane clan nearly collapsed, many centaurs joining other clans or going rogue. Cobalt was one of the few (roughly 2000) centaurs left in the clan, and one of the most high ranking.

The High Council SummonsEdit

Cobalt attended the High Council Summons on XilZun Hill as a representative of the Steelmane Clan. During the Battle of XilZun, he led the centaur clans and supported the High Council. After the battle, he accompanied the search for the Banner of Nakhar in Shanak'Khaz.

The Centaur AllianceEdit

In 4E 494, he was named king-regent of the Steelmane Clan. Soon, after diplomatic negotiations with the Longhorn Clan, he became the 1st Tribune of the Centaur Alliance. He also created the city of Divaaj Amyni after the Amyni tribe was nearly wiped out by Belken Ari.

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