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Kings, Nature, Parents


The Scythe of the King



Physical Form

A Sacen King with antlers

Chief Angel

Righ, Forao, Tuismith


Cerun is a major God of the Sacen/Pictian Pantheon and Faith. He is the god of kings, nature and parents, particularily fathers. He is married to Ernama, chief Goddess of the pantheon, and is father to Jikan , Esis , Caledona , Burga , Sacra , Alaik , Morga and Erait.

Places of WorshipEdit


Cerun has a small temple just outside Antronjir , which he shares with his wife, Ernama. Cerun also has a wayshrine between Suplyr and the most north-westerly of the Southern Sudbayan Forts, Fort Havet.

Chief AngelsEdit

Cerun has three chief angels:

Righ , Angel of Kings who commands 4000 angels

Forao , Angel of Nature and the Forest, who commands 2000 angels

Tuismith , Angel of Parents, who is commanded by both Cerun and Ernama and commands 2000 angels

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