Party members are in-game characters that can join your party/squad. They will accompany you on quests and missions and can be befriended and some can be romanced.

Realm of MagykEdit

The Party members, so far, in Realm of Magyk are as follows:

Osric Silas the Bard, recruited during Tough Crowd

Charles Hawthorn The Priest, recruited during Raising the Rabble

Nigel Avtrin the Warrior, recruited during A Gladiator's Honour

Karrin Lovac the Mage, recruited during Waiting for Kael

Pilgrim the Monk, recruited during The Pilgrimage

Rebbecca Kappu the Thief, recruited during The Noble Thief

Whisper the Druid, recruited during Witch Hunt

Dorgan McCullen the Barbarian, recruited during Prison Break

Terenas Valhan the Assassin, recruited during Rebellion

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