Demons are from the plane of Daemonrealm , summoned by Kativa during the Kativan wars . Only the weaker demons can enter the Realm of Magyk. The Black legion, an army comprising of the higher ranking demons, their exact nature unknown, can only enter once a large enough portal has been opened.


Dretch – weak infantry

Clawflinger – weak ranged

Far'azzir – mage

Ripper – assassin demon

Devil – powerful infantry/range

Mi'hrili – flying version of a dretch

Archdemon – huge infantry/mage

Imp – small servants of other demons

Foliot – larger, more powerful imp

Hellhound – a very powerful dog-like demon

Succubus / Incubus – shapeshifting seducer demons

Arachir – spider demons

Hellfox – a smaller, agile version of a Hellhound

Medusa – a horrible demon mage that can transform enemies into stone

Nightbeast – a small flying creature that controls people and gives them nightmares

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