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Casiel is the Elven Goddess of nature and living organisms. She is the chief deity of the Nature Elves, from those of the Elven Plains to those of the ancient island of Mistag. She is especially popular amongst druids.

Casiel is believed to be a completely different sort of Goddess from all other deities. She has no angels and her worshippers do not directly worship her, but insetad worship nature.

She gives her name to the 5th month of the Ulvanian Calendar.

Role in the Kativan WarsEdit

Casiel has not participated in the War.


Casiellian Religion teaches the importance of preserving nature and living in harmony with it, not against it.

The Casiellian Ideaology, as written in the "Druids' Tome", goes as follows:

"Do what you wish, as that is nature's first law: The animal does what it takes to survive and gives no mercy. Do not, however, do that which would endanger Ulvania or nature's harmony. Nature must be preserved and protected, and any creature who calls themselves alive must follow this command. These are the words of Casiel the Divine."

An Elvish translation comes with the lore entry and will be added shortly.

Places of Worship (Sudbaya)Edit

Casiel has a shrine in Felmin, which is kept by Tamlin.

Casiel has no wayshrines.

Chief AngelsEdit

Casiel has not a single angel, which is unusual for a major Goddess such as herself.

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