Becket Bane


Becket Bane (born as Belken Ari)



Date of Birth



Emperor of the Empire of the Serpents




High Elf



Social Class

Royalty (born into Elvish Nobility)


House Ari (lone surviving member)

Becket Bane (born under the more traditional name of 'Belken Ari') is a High Elf from Mistag. He is Emperor of the Viper Citadel (Dum'Khaz) and warchief of the Shuul Mai orcs.


Early LifeEdit

Belken Ari was born into a noble family in the Mistagrian fortress of Uthulan, as heir to the lordship. He was trained in all forms of melee and ranged combat and excelled, eventually commanding many of his own men. Sometime after he came of age, the Gnollic Invasion hit Uthulan and, after a great battle involving an immature dragon (controlled by the gnolls), the fortress fell; his family slaughtered. Belken, who was away hunting at the time, came back with reinforcements and drove the gnolls out of Uthulan and killed the dragon himself, but too late. Uthulan was in ruins.

With no money or power, and only about a dozen men, he became a mercenary in the Bitterwind Company, before striking out on his own. During this time, he adopted the name Becket Bane. He soon impressed the High Council and was appointed a chief bodyguard for the High Council Summons on XilZun Hill.

XilZun and Shanak'KhazEdit

Becket attended the High Council summons as the lead bodyguard to the High Council ambassadors. He fought for the High Council and protected Lyrian Lovac. For his bravery, he was raised to High Council Commander and was left in charge of the roughly 850 High Council soldiers. Belken accompanied the search for the Banner of Nakhar in Shanak'Khaz, where he gained a pet creature, formed from Blood Magyk, which he named Predator.

Becket relinquished command of the High Council troops, not wanting to take orders from Lyrian Lovac, and instead challenged Warchief Fuul of the Shuul Mai orcs. He beat him in single combat and hence became the warchief. He now controls the Viper Citadel, capital of the Empire of the Serpents, and a massive army of Shuul Mai Orcs and mercenaries given to him by Julub Qohlaxo Julublub.


Predator is a giant creature resembling a lizard. Predator was formed by a blood ritual used to access the inner tombs of the Tomb of Shanak'Khaz. The first sight Predator saw was Becket, therefore it followed him as its master.

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