The Battle of Malo

Date and Duration

A few days ending on Sceptre 24 3E 4823

Deaths (estimated)



Dryadic Guardians of Malo, Druids, Arehi Elves, Xilaskar vs Kativans

Faction Leaders



Forest of Malo (Now Shash Malos)


Tamlin and the remaining Xilaskar

Territory Conquered

Forest of Malo by the Kativans

Also known as

The Battle of the Forest

The Battle of Malo, also known as the Battle of the Forest, saw the anhiliation of the Arehi Elves and the destruction of the Forest of Malo, despite being won by Tamlin and the Xilaskar. The Battle saw the creation of Tamlin and the petrification of Myra.


Accounts from the Battle of Malo

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