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"There's a lot of history in the Realm. Hundreds of thousands of millenia's worth of history can be found in these dark halls. Anybody want some cake?"
This article is scheduled to include a lore entry for the upcoming game, Realm of Magyk. Jamp-20120408-154612


Archdemons are the most powerful beings (aside from Kativa herself) to come out of Daemonrealm. These demons are huge, measuring at about 10-20 metres in height. They have black, scaly skin and one large horn/fin on their back. They would have a very human-like face, were it not for the fact that it looks like a human face turned inside out, adding fangs and various knobs. They have very human-like bodies and have very similar hands and feet to humas. They are often wearing battle armour.

Archdemons are masters of melee and magyk combat, making them really hard to kill (only an estimated 6-8 archdemons have been killed since the demons first appeared on the Realm of Magyk. Archdemons are used as Major officers by Kativa and are the most deadly opponents. Some of the more powerful Archdemons are used generals by Kativa and lead the various forces of Kativa's armies. In demonic, they are known as Kruk'thal which means "Strong beast"


In Taxonomic classification, devils are known as Diabulus rex.

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